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Leuchtzeit by La Tique

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La Tique - Leuchtzeit (DJ Mix)
La Tique – Leuchtzeit (DJ Mix)

Electro-House DJ Mix / DJ Set by the Cybermusique DJ La Tique

The “Leuchtzeit” DJ Mix / DJ Set by the cybermusique DJ La Tique is the second DJ mix of the time series. The Electro House / House Deejay Mix includes Tracks by La Tique, Vitalic, Planet Funk, Trash Palace feat. Brian Molko, Fad Gadget and many more. If you like it, leave a comment or like it on Soundcloud, Mixcloud or Facebook.

Playlist DJ Mix / DJ Set Leuchtzeit by La Tique

  1. La Tique – Intro
  2. Vitalic – La Rock 1
  3. Planet Funk – The Switch (Planet Funk Posillipo Mix)
  4. Trash Palace feat. Brian Molko – The Metric System
  5. Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People (Westbam Remix)
  6. Monosurround – I Warned the Baby
  7. DJ Flex – Pres Feedback
  8. Phil Fuldner – (Never) too Late (Vocal Mix)
  9. Jca – I`ll see her again (Full Vocal Mix)
  10. B-on-Say – Crazy (The House Mix)
  11. Vitalic – La Rock (3)
  12. Elektrochemie LK feat Caitlin Sweet – Darling (Olav Basoski Remix)
  13. Northern Lite – My Pain
  14. Sono – Heading For (Monosurround Remix)